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YOUth worker PROmoting MEntal health-YouProMe

YOUth worker PROmoting MEntal health-YouProMe is a KA2 project financed by the Italian National Agency-Agenzia Nazionale Giovani of the Erasmus+ program.

It is promoted by 5 organisations from private, public sector and the third sector::

the main focus of

YOU PRO ME project

is on the contribution of Youth Work in promoting the mental health of young people through the development on emotional and social skills.

The new EU Youth Strategy  for 2019-2027 was defined according to a consultation of young people and indicates “Mental Health & Wellbeing” as one of the goal for EU youth policy in order to achieve better mental wellbeing and end stigmatisation of mental health issues, thus promoting social inclusion of all young people.

Young people affirm they want to be able to increase their own ability to deal with mental health issues. This means learning skills ranging from emotional intelligence and self-awareness, to time management and coping under pressure.

Youth workers guides and supports young people in their personal, social and educational development to help them to reach their full potential in society and can play a key role, alongside  teachers or other non-mental health professionals by providing young people training on mental health issues and providing education that builds emotional skills and the ability to manage with mental health.

our strategy

Main Objectives

Through a strategic partnership aimed at the exchange of good practices and the creation of innovative tools, the project foresees the following objectives:

Deepen understanding and knowledge knowledge about Youth Workers needs and competencies in their work with young people with mental health problems

Valorising the relevance of social and emotional competencies among young people with mental health disease

Create a European Framework of Competences for Youth Workers, building their capacity to support social and emotional competencies among young people with mental health disorders


Increase the quality of informal and non-formal learning in the caring relationships between youth workers and young people

Improve the competencies of professionals and non-professionals who operate in this field

Facilitate access to training on social and emotional competences of young people for local communities (teachers, practitioners, etc.)

Improve the wellbeing of young people increasing awareness of social and emotional competencies in their life

our results


After an extended literature and field research together with the implementation of activities and focus groups involving youth workers and young people with mental difficulties the consortioum will publish:

As a result of these open resources, Youth Workers and the wider community of educators, trainers, youth practitioners will have access to tools which provide answers around the question of social and emotional competences where mental health of young people is concerned, providing opportunities to incorporate social and emotional competencies in the new portfolio of competencies of the Youth Workers as a resource for assisting young people with mental health disorders.